Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our Anniversary

So fitting:  I started this post last Thursday (our actual anniversary) and never had time to finish it.  Now, a week later, I finally get to it.  And ironically we had barbecued steaks for dinner.

*     *     *
Today is our anniversary and I honestly don't know how many years it's been.  I could do the math... let's see we were married May 8, 1998 and it's now 2014.  OK, 16 years.  We've been married 16 years!!!!

I guess when I think about it, it seems pretty crazy that we've been married so long, but in reality, that's about right.  We've got 5 kids, a mortgage, pets, 3 cars, real jobs, lots of laundry, chaotic dinners, hefty church callings.  We are adults.  We have lives.  We are productive members of society.  We are.... middle-aged.

We also love each other.  We support and encourage each other.  We try to do things that make each other's life easier.  We share interesting headlines.  We do projects together.  We complain and moan and get frustrated.  We dream. We worry. We stress.  We save and sacrifice.  We laugh.  We pray.
We are tired.

I remember when we were engaged and dreaming of our future life together.  It had to do with us barbecuing, at our own house.  That seemed like the pinnacle of life and so very far away.  And we do that now (doesn't seem nearly so romantic)

We have been extremely blessed along the way, but we've also worked hard for this life.  Both of us.

And it's good.
Happy Anniversary honey.


Nancy said...

Wow, that's the nicest anniversary tribute I've ever read!! And you are NOT MIDDLE AGED!!! And 16 years to us seems like nuttin. You've built a great life, though, and have a great family!!!!

Barlow Fam said...

We CAN'T be middle aged, are we? I always think of that show when we were younger called Thirty-something. I remember thinking they were so old (even though I wasn't allowed to watch it.) Funny. Happy 16!

Nancy said...

Did I tell you how beautiful you are!! Beauty must skip a generation!!! LOL