Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Life Changing

I have stumbled upon a blog that has changed my life:

It's one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life as a homemaker.  This woman is so inspiring.  She gets creative people.  She gets obsession.  She gets fun. She gets me.

Now, I've never gone so far as to call myself a slob--I happen to be naturally organized, but I wouldn't say I was naturally clean.  I had some bad habits.  Like I preferred to do dishes and tackle the kitchen in the morning when I had energy.  But, if I had to be somewhere in the morning....messy kitchen all day long...
And we have a pretty effective laundry schedule but bathrooms had no regular cleaning time.   And there's always too much stuff.

But since reading her blog and ebook (worth it) and listening to the podcasts, I have actually started cleaning the kitchen at night.  And call me crazy, I've enjoyed my quiet time, uninterrupted.  Well, lets face it.  Any time uninterrupted is nice.

And with the help of 40bagsin40days and this woman I have dejunked tons and tons.  It feels so good and is much easier to keep things clean.  I love waking up to my clean kitchen with nothing on the counters!

So check her out.  She's funny too.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for reminding me! So happy for you and your house. Have you gotten to 40 bags yet?? That's a lot! But messy people, at least if they're like me, can't decide what to throw out so we don't. Hence tons of junk.