Friday, May 16, 2014

Flash Back Friday

Well.  I got myself a present.  A handy-dandy picture scanner!  I felt bad that I didn't have Maddie's early life stored on our hard-drive so I just bought it.  It's tiny, it's fast.  It's fun!  I have already scanned in an entire box of photographs!

So, I'm going to be flashing-back again.  This time featuring my oldest, or me, or Tyler, or even beyond that!  I highly recommend this little device if you have lots of photos just sitting around and you like doing mindless yet purposeful activities.  Here's to pre-2004!

Baby Maddie

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Nancy said...

Wow, how cool!! I barely remember Maddie looking like that! So chubby and cute!! I can't wait to see all the rest of the flash back pics. I really should get something like that for all our pictures because if the house burned down there would be nothing left except the later pictures on Dad's outside storage whatever that is.