Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Days 5-12, Menus

The FMS photo challenge continues:

Day 5: 4pm

Day 6: From Down Low

Day 7: Taken from Above

Day 8: Blue

Day 9: Favorite
{no photo}

Day 10: In the garden

Day 11: Mother

Day 12: Ready

And my menus for the week/ I need accountability/I really need to go grocery shopping:

Sunday: Cream cheese chicken, rice, peas
Monday: Taco Salad, strawberries
Tuesday:  homemade pizza, salad
Wednesday: quiche, salad, green beans (we have a lot of lettuce, we traded eggs for produce)
Thursday: Mexican Chicken soup, tortilla chips, and probably more salad...
Friday: Father-son camp out, so something easy for us girls, maybe we'll even go out!
Saturday: something on grill: hamburgers or drumsticks
Sunday: Whole roast chicken

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Love the menus ides! Think I'll steal some. I've seen the pictures on facebook or is it instagram. But I love to see them hear because I can make them bigger!! Plus Dad often doesn't see as many pics as I do with his dinosaur phone. People never lack for things to do at your house!!

Amelia looks so cute sleeping there. Reminds me of you! Darling picture of you and the family. Joy Joy!!