Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

 Oh Easter.  I always want to have a spirit-filled, faith building week surrounding Easter, but it just didn't happen this year.  However, I did manage to have a coordinating family for Easter Sunday!  Priorities, right!?

Wyatt's outfit was one of the few things I kept from when Will was 2.  It's adorable even though you can't see the dogs embroidered on his pants. I had just gone through a box and found it and realized it's the right size.  Yay!  So I planned the rest of the outfits around that. Plus Elle was already planning on wearing this yellow dress.  I love easy.

Amelia's dress was made from a vintage pillowcase and the Geranium pattern.  I cannot say enough how good that pattern is.  Fits perfectly, sews up fast.  I already started another one.  And, it matched many a cloth diaper:

And for Will, I made him a real bow tie.  Of course it took a few tutorials for me to figure how to tie it, but it looks swell. I already had the fabric and it kinda matches Wyb's shirt.  I used this tutorial.  I think I will make about 50 more.  Love them.

Maddie was a little trickier.  She is rather particular about what she wears and won't wear stuff I make.  The best I could do was pick up a yellow scarf.  I'm sure she would have picked out a fabulous outfit if she had $100 and lots of time.

Anyway, church was really nice. Because I had to snap a picture we were a tad late.  Not exactly late to the meeting, just too late to get good seats.  I think I've mentioned before how this building is terrible for large families. It's cutthroat to get a big enough pew.  But the speakers and talks were great, the kids were pretty good except that Will brought a Lego creation to church with him.  Never bring legos.  Your little brother will scream for them and it will break apart and a million pieces during the sacrament.

Afterwards we had a sort of nice dinner.  I always have visions of this:

but it's really more like this:

But hey, everyone got a little protein before consuming candy.
Then I collected the Easter baskets, filled them with some little treats (bubbles, chalk and car for the boys, fancy pencils and post-it notes for Elle, mud mask and candle for Maddie, Frozen for Amelia, haha.) and hid them in the yard.  They know the Easter Bunny isn't real...

But really the day is to celebrate the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful to have a Savior that make eternal families possible.  We did much better at last night's FHE discussing the events of Easter weekend and significance of it all.

And if you haven't seen this little video, watch it, and if you have, watch it again.  It's so good.


Nancy said...

Wow!!! What a post!! Love all the words and pictures. Great clothes coordinating. Beautiful table shot except for the giant glass full of jelly beans. Who on earth would really put that on a table unless all the diners were over 90?? Pretty colors, though! The last picture/video?? is so funny but I can't figure out how you did it? Is it a compilation of other photos? Tyler's face is a hoot and Wyb seems to have the tiniest Mona Lisa smirk. Will is funny, too. Amelia non-plussed and the girls just plain pretty!!

Gabriella said...

Hahaha, Will in that .gif....love it! Cute cute family!