Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Well, what a holiday.  We had big plans to visit Tyler's family who live in central IL.  Tyler worked for weeks custom installing a DVD player in the big van in anticipation for the trip.  We loaded up Wednesday with the excitement of what will most likely be our last trip for awhile.

Well, all is fine and dandy and we made it there in 9 hours.  We had a comfy place to stay and the food and Thanksgiving meal were excellent.  It was cold, but felt very holiday-like.  The kids were having a blast shooting guns and pestering their 2 teen-aged cousins. There were little presents hidden all around the house for the kids to find and that was really fun.  I was still recovering from a terrible cold and got lots of rest while Wyb napped.  It was great, until Friday morning.

We thought we'd take the kids to this Swedish village that was having all sorts of Christmas festivities.  We got out of the car, went into one cute shop, walked out and Wyb threw up ALL OVER Tyler.  He was covered.  Thank goodness we were no longer in the cute, crowded, tiny store.

We quickly headed back, packed up all our stuff and hastily said good-bye.  My thinking was if we all get this, I'd much rather be at my own home.  Wyatt threw up 2 more times in the car, but we made it.Then I got sick and it was bad.  And Will got sick and it was bad.  Then Tyler got sick and it was bad.  Elle just caught my cold, and Maddie seemed to escape it all.  Somehow we managed through the weekend and everyone seems better--well enough that all kids went to school and Tyler went to work.  We are all rather exhausted though.

So now I have LOTS of laundry and sanitizing and a whole mess of a house since no one could really move all weekend.  And hopefully, we are done with illness for the year.  For the record, I don't like being sick and pregnant.  It's just unfair.

Here's Tyler, his dad and brothers.  They are sporting beards for No-Shave November and a contest to see who had the whitest beard (other than their dad, it was a tie between Todd and Tyler).  Sorry for the bad lighting and funky look on Ty's face.  

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted, and we were all glad to be home while we were sick.  
And here's to the rest of the holiday season!!


raisruckus said...

OH NO! That will be a Thanksgiving to remember for sure! Glad you got some fun in before the nightmare. Stay well now, you've got an important delivery coming. :)

Nancy said...

Oh, my goodness! Sounds so horrible! That's the kind of situation I would love to help out with but not sure it's worth risking such a contagious illness! Anyway, glad everyone seems to be doing better and sorry you had to go through that! Ah, mortality. It just doesn't seem fair that young people are the ones who get sick all the time when they have so many other burdens to shoulder. And your being pregnant on top of it all! Well, I do hope you're done with it.
Those beards are really something else. Todd really freaked me out! He looks quite old with a beard!

Holly Burton said...

Way to kick off the holidays with style! Love the pic of Tyler and his brothers, nobody is smiling. :) Hope you all stay healthy and have a fantastic Christmas!

Carrie said...

Holly was me, I was signed in under my sisters account. :)