Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Household Happenings

I know, it's kind of like a Christmas miracle.  2 posts in one week?!
But I'm actually upstairs sitting at the computer and no one is bugging me.

It's been super warm today, 73 degrees (first day of winter and all...)  The kids got in the pool and played in the rain and my feet are swollen beyond recognition.  They've been pretty swollen (like normal) this pregnancy, but not painful.  I realized it's the hotter weather that makes them actually hurt.  I can't bend my ankles and just kind of clomp around.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a bit cooler.  In someways the warm weather is nice, no bundling and hurting, but it does not seem very Christmas-like.

Tomorrow is Christmas Sunday at church.  I'm singing in a group number, Elle is doing a little speaking number before the primary children sing and Maddie is singing with the Young Women.  I love all music Sacrament Meetings!  However, I'm teaching sharing time, and now I was asked to sub for music time too.  The kids are going to get a lot of me--and there's a lot of me to get too!  I will be exhausted afterwards, pray that I will survive.  Lately I can't do much without a deep 2 hour nap...

We got Sonic milkshakes (half off for winter solstice) and tried to drive around and look at lights tonight.  The torrential downpour made it a little difficult to see out the windows, but the shakes were good.  I think Sonic's chocolate peppermint is better than Chick-Fil-As.  Don't ask me how I know that :)  Wyatt was so darn cute though, pointing to every brightly lit house and saying "oooooooooo."  That kid is so fun.

Did I mention that my doula certification packet has been turned in?  I am so proud of myself for doing all the work to get that finished.  Once it's approved (and I really hope it is!)  I will have an official designation after my name.  Fancy!  I know it will be awhile before I'm fully back into the doula world, but I am very excited when the time comes.

And this has been one of my favorite Christmas songs for years:


Nancy said...

My kind of Christmas miracle!!!

Woah, what a day today!! Wish we could be there to hear all the great singing and speaking!! Maybe you guys can replicate it for us.

That really is a catching tune. I hear Dad humming now!

Maybe we can go around again Tuesday night to hear WyB saying "oooooooo" to all the houses. Not sure where we'd stash everyone though! : )

Now I need to try one of those Sonic peppermint shakes!

Carrie said...

Merry Christmas!