Thursday, December 19, 2013

Household Happenings

I'm gonna really try and do this.  I've been the lousiest blogger.

I got Wyatt's stocking done.  He didn't have one last year (not that he minded) but he's a real family member now.  I'm glad I have almost a whole year to make one for this new babe.  I took this picture and thought, "That makes me look like I have a big family" and yet, there's more.

Speaking of more, I'm starting to get nervous about having this kid.  Not the labor (I'm actually really looking forward to that) but having a newborn and a 20 month old.  The rest of my kids are 3, 3, and 5 years apart.  I've never done this close before!!  I feel like Wyatt's still so young, not really talking, into everything.  My house will probably be condemned in the first 6 months.  But what can I do now?
In more pregnancy news, Baby had been transverse, then turned oblique (head down, but aimed at my hip).  According to Spinning Babies, that was a more difficult position than breech to change.  Yay.  
But I've been back to the chiro and at yesterday's prenatal the midwife pronounced baby in a much better position.  Yay!
My birth kit (supplies) arrived in the mail and I'm about to order the birth pool.  I am SO excited to just have this baby here at home.  

Other things:
Will is Star of the Week this week.
Could you pick a worse possible week?  I've had to do tons of extra projects and buy extra stuff, nearly putting me over the edge (emotionally, mentally, financially). I even ate lunch with him (my least favorite thing to do:  Wyatt was like a crazy out-of-control toddler and I am too big to chase him around.  I'm sure everyone was looking at me thinking I should NOT be having more children). But Will has been so thrilled to have Duke Dog home with us and be the special kid.  I'm trying to be really nice about it.

Giselle had her play performance.  For the last 8 weeks she's attended a very small acting class (held by a mom [mom of one, I might say] in their home with just a few girls).  She has loved it, and was the star of the show by playing the naughty monkey.  She did such a good job. 

And more of Will's projects: 

The only picture I could get at lunch: 

That's about it for now.  I have more to write about my crazy Friday the 13th, but I have to do some research for Giselle's talk in Sacrament meeting this Sunday(!) and my lesson...


virginia said...

I've been thinking about you so much lately.
this post made me cry, I can just relate so much to the feeling of being so scared about a new baby and a
tiny toddler. And feeling like people are thinking I'm crazy. It works out...slowly its working itself out :) at 18 months I can say that now. They are wonderful together.
also...elle and acting seem a perfect fit!
I wish I could be there to help you!

raisruckus said...

Brooklyn and Lauren are 20 months apart. I'm not gonna lie, it was hard at times, but we survived, and now they are the cutest friends. I remember when Lauren was just about 6 months old, my friend asked if I wanted to bring the kids over to her backyard for a blow up pool swim party. I told her that sounded horrible. She thought I was kidding. The next year, I said, "sure, they're bigger now." Which would have been fine if my friend hadn't taken the big kids out front and left me in the back with Lauren and two 3 year olds. Both 3 year olds decided they needed to go to the bathroom. I had NO IDEA how I was suppose to help them inside to go potty, hold the baby, and not get everything wet. I made the girls go spread eagle next to the fence and pee in the grass. Then I hosed them off before I let them back in the pool. It's called survival. It works.

You're going to ROCK it!

Carrie said...

Wow! Hang in there!

Nancy said...

Maybe it would have been better to have had this baby in the summer when Maddie could help. Well, I told Dad he may have to do seminary by himself for a bit. We will all pitch in and get through it. Time has a way of moving on regardless, thank goodness. I will be there as much as I possibly can. Maybe there's peeps you could hire to just be an all around helper/mess picker-upper/dish doer, etc. Maybe you would rather have that than the house cleaner gift?

Cute pictures of Will, and yes, this is the worst week!! What lesson do you have to teach and fitting that it should fall right now, too!

Let's do whatever is the easiest for Christmas food, etc.!! Do not stress yourself out any more!!

Now you know why I'm such a grinch about the holidays! ; )

I'll bet Elle was in heaven!!