Sunday, December 08, 2013

grateful sunday

This is will be fast on my part because I'm having a hard time keeping my eyelids open.

  • Grateful that I get to play Christmas hymns on the organ.  
  • Grateful that Maddie gave a great talk in Sacrament Meeting today.  She was feeling a little nervous this morning, but Elle told her "just wear a cute outfit and you'll do fine"  always helpful advice.
  • Grateful that my first ever piano recital (as a teacher) went well.  All the kids did a fabulous job and it was over in 30 minutes.  My kind of program.
  • And grateful for the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional tonight.  It's one of the highlight of the season for me.  


Carrie said...

Elle is wise beyond her years!

Nancy said...

So proud of Maddie!!!

Both girls looking so cute and grown up! : ) : (

Sounds like a really nice day plus a talk on good rock bands!

virginia said...

Her topic was good rock bands? Sad I missed it.
Did maddie grow like crazy this year? She seems so grown up all of a sudden.
(Liv grew 4.5 inches!)