Friday, November 15, 2013

Maddie is 12!

I really can't believe I have a 12 year old.  Our first graduate from Primary, now Young Womens!   I feel like it's going to go really fast from here. I'm so excited for her.  So Happy Birthday to Maddie.  She's smart, beautiful, musical, freckled, crafty, and confident.

 She was showing us how the photographer at school was posing them. 

 And, I love this one of my 2 girls.  They get along in very rare moments, but I treasure those.

This is the best I could get this morning of Maddie in the birthday hat. 
 She didn't want to ruin her hair.  


Nancy said...

Ahhhh, the Birthday Hat!! I'd forgotten all about it! Hopefully she will wear it again tomorrow! Or I will "make" her to get her gift! LOL

Those pictures are gorgeous!!! I'd like a nice one of the 2 together.
Those girls are getting so beautiful!!

raisruckus said...

Love those pictures. It really is amazing that she's 12. What a beautiful girl you are raising. Her insides shine through to her outsides.

PS What's up with the advertisement in the corner? Pretty cool, do you get $$ for allowing it or are they just popping up now?

virginia said...

so pretty.
happy birthday maddie :)

Carrie said...

I hope she had an awesome day!

Paige said...

Can't believe she is already 12! She is gorgeous and those are great photos!