Thursday, November 21, 2013

Household Happenings

Ugh.  Time for an update I suppose.  

I've been rather grumpy since Sunday.  I think that was the day I decided I could no longer pretend I wasn't pregnant.  I was super tired, looked horrible in any clothes, hot, swollen.  Not capable of dealing with the other 4 kids by myself at church (really just Wyatt).  Luckily it was Tyler's last unit conference.  Hallelujah.  

Anyway, after Sacrament meeting I took Wyatt home and both of us took naps.  I left all my other kids at church.  I figured I wasn't far away and they were well looked after.  Tyler got home in time for me to pick them up and then back in the driveway I smashed my thumb in the door.  Oh the pain.  It was terrible.  I'll take natural childbirth over smashing my thumb any day.  It took a good 24 hours to stop throbbing and still today (Thursday) I can't do much--it STILL hurts.  So bugged.
This is my thumb today.  It's actually more solid and darker than Sunday, but not showing up well.  
*     *     *
Now, back to complaining about pregnancy.  At my last appointment with Lynda (midwife) she thought judging by location of heart beat, kicks and cord sounds (did you know you can hear the heartbeat through the cord?) that the baby is in a transverse L shape: head up, buns on my right side and legs jutting out to left.  It's a very comfortable position.  Wyatt was transverse/breech for a long time and it's super comfy.  Well, there was a flurry of activity one night and then after that, my tailbone hurts, my back hurts, everything hurts, so I'm gonna guess the baby has turned.  Which of course, is good but not so comfy.  And I'm tired and big and irritable which is all pretty normal.  I really don't have that much time left.  Which reminds me that I have done NOTHING to prepare (other than mentally).

However, after some conferring, we have pushed my due date back 1 week (Jan 29) which is wonderful because at 42 weeks she legally has to transfer me to medical care.  So this gives me more time, which is pretty much the reason for doing a home birth.  I want everything to be on nature's timetable.  And seriously, if a 5th baby can't come by 42 weeks, it deserves to be wrenched out.  OK, I'm not really serious.  But sort of.  
*     *     *
Other than that, things are pretty much the same around here.  I teach lessons, I spend a lot of time driving in the car, I pick up Wyatt's messes, I do laundry and dishes and feed constantly hungry growing children.  I also smile and laugh and tease and feel thankful.  

And here's my monthly download of artwork, all Will's:

I love how big I am in the picture.  Fairly accurate.

Will had to design his head on this manila folder.  I did the hair, but he did the features.  
I love it.  

and the uni-brow apple.  


Carrie said...

They say kids draw the things that are most important to them biggest in their pictures. You are hugely important! Hope the rest of the pregnancy passes quickly and smoothly!

raisruckus said...

Hang in there kiddo, this baby is going to be so worth the wait! Love the art. Don't your kids just make you smile... when you don't want to kill them!

Nancy said...

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! You didn't need that!!!! I don't know why so many horrible things happen to young mothers as if they don't have enough stuff going on all the time. My life is so calm and uneventful and no kids to take care of! (If we don't count the ingrown toenail that is festering.)
Love the pictures. Take heart. Your head is bigger than your body in that picture. Yeah, not sure what's going on with the apple but it's happy!
Let me know when you need the house cleaners to start unless you think that would just be another stressor. Hmm, says that's not a word.
Do you need me to come over on Monday and Tuesday to help you get ready for your trip?
I can't tell you how sorry I am about your thumb!