Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grateful Sunday

Yay!  I'm actually posting this on Sunday!

  • It's been a rather crazy weekend with lots going on.  I'm grateful it's over and all things went well.  Mostly, Tyler had a huge bi-stake dance/activity he was in charge of last night that is done and he thinks it went pretty well.    These things consume him for weeks ahead of time, so I'm glad to have him back.  Just call him Mr. Party Planner.

 We crashed the event right before the start time to see his handy work.  Kids liked the photo booth.  
  • It was also the school carnival yesterday.  I was off the hook with volunteering since I was single- parenting it, so I could delete all those guilt-inducing pleas for volunteers with no worries.  Still, it was nice and the kids had fun:

 I love these 4 people so much!!! And I think the pumpkin suit is getting too small for Wyatt.  

  • I was also released as primary chorister today.  I knew it was coming; let's face it, I'm having a baby in January and I could not see myself in front of a bunch of kids for a good 2 solid months.  I was still kept in Primary (thank you!!!) but my calling is to teach Sharing Time the 4th Sunday of every month.  I'd say I lucked out.  
  • I've been having fun with this Halloween holiday.  It must be the pregnancy hormones (can you believe I'm in 3rd trimester this week?!) because I don't normally get into Halloween, or really any holiday.  But something possessed me to make cupcakes for after school snack and I've been inspired to make "funner" lunches.  It will end soon enough, I'm sure.  

  • So this week I am going to finish up costumes and we've got some parties Wednesday and Thursday.  It should be a good week!  Happy Halloween to you!!


raisruckus said...

I totally want your new calling. How fun! Looks like the dance and the festival were awesome. Your kiddos are getting so big and cuter by the day. Love this post!

Nancy said...

Oh crap, my whole huge comment was lost. I will have to gear up for a while to redo it.

Holly Burton said...

Happy Halloween! What a fun calling to teach sharing time once a month?! Good luck on costumes!

Nancy said...

All right I'm trying again! : )

Now let's see. Hmmmmm Oh yeah, I remember I was saying that no wonder the pumpkin outfit doesn't fit anymore-since you have somehow attached the legs and feet of a 5 YEAR OLD to Wyb's knees!!!!!!!!

Yes, I can see why you love those 4 humans! So do I!!!!!

Boy, all that food looks so yummy. Glad you are having so much fun with Halloween!!

Looked like a great school fair. Hm, now I better try this before writing more....

Nancy said...

Oh, and I totally never knew that Tyler was a Mr. Party Planner! Neat