Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Friday

It was a good Friday.
Some neighbors of ours host a big egg hunt every year and this was Wyatt's first year to participate (last year he was napping).  He really couldn't figure things out until he stepped on an egg and out popped candy. Then it was hard to get him to wait for the start time.  Quick learner.

 He's so cute, but such a handful.  He was covered in mud and chocolate from the beginning.  He doesn't like chocolate apparently.  He does NOT get that from his mom.  

 See what's on his bum?  That's an Irwin diaper.  I traded a few diapers to get that.  Like baseball cards.

 Will wasn't as put-out as he looks.  His bucket was solidly full of candy afterwards.  It was worse than Halloween. At least they have to do some walking to collect all that sugar...

and Maddie and Mr. Eyebrows.  
Maddie helped Wyb with the hunt since she officially aged out.  
Wyatt is really my shy boy.  He's a homebody just like me also.  Whenever we go out in public with lots of children and chaos he grabs my keys and cries to go bye-bye.  Happened at the children's museum (with full on screaming and he was running out the doors) and at the egg hunt.  Always a little suspicious.  The candy helped.

It was a great event and the weather held out and everyone was ready for naps afterwards!  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Will's Art Collection

Will brought home a wad of artwork from the year and I took pictures of it all (so I can toss them) except, some of them are so cute I might actually hang on to them.

 This tow-truck was a drawling for Wybee.
 Not a fan of cat in the hat, but he is rather cute here.

 Self portrait.  

 Non-scary clown.

 I love this watercolor kite.

 This monster on rollerblades is another fave.

 He didn't like his overly-large flower, but I did.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Amelia's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was Amelia's baby blessing.  It was really sweet.  She wore the dress that was my great-great-grandfather's blessing gown from 1883. I was blessed in it, and so were all my girls.  It was a very beautiful blessing even though I couldn't hear a whole lot--Wyatt was squawking in my ear and she was fussing a bit until she apparently locked eyes with my dad and started cooing.  We are so grateful to have her in our family.  I look at this picture and feel pretty impressed that these peeps are mine for eternity.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Amelia's Week with Wyatt

I've been doing the weekly photo project with Amelia like I did with Wyatt.  This last week I spread out our fabric and laid Amelia down and Wybee immediately came and laid down too.  It was sad and pathetic and cute.  I think he remembered doing this and thought it was his turn.  Oh my poor big baby.

 I love this guy so much, but he is a lot of work.  It's constant and exhausting and I'm considering getting him a play yard or something. He's into everything.  I don't know.  He isn't trying to be naughty, he's just curious and a climber and maybe bored?  It's just hard.

And I'm tired.

Amelia is a good sleeper, but when she's awake, she startles easily.  She doesn't like fast movement or loud sudden noises (OK really, who does?) but being child #5, there is a certain amount of noise around here (especially with big brother Wyatt).  And she doesn't just get upset by it, she gets really really upset with loud screaming (louder than the sound ever was) that takes a long time to console.  Kind of an overreaction I'd say.  So that's hard too.

And I'm just tired.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

2 things

Mobile blogger lets me post 2 pictures.   I guess I won't be doing a photo heavy post. 

+I stand corrected! 3 pictures showed up!+

So here's my girl in pjs that were mine as a baby and a train going by.
And that's it.

My conference hair-do is on here too!  Courtesy of Maddie.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Amelia

Ok, enough with the messy house.  It's even worse now, after a wonderful weekend of General Conference.  Well, I'm sure it was wonderful but I only heard a fraction of the talks.  I'm back to not hearing much.  I had a few good years there...  What I did hear was about LOVE.  Lots of LOVE.

I got the blessing dress out and tried it on Amelia.  She gets her name and blessing this sunday.  This gown belonged to my great-great-grandfather and is 131 years old.  I was blessed in it and all my girls were too (I tried to get the boys blessed in it too, but no-go).
It's in pretty good shape, strong fabric and all, just some staining I'll see if I can get out.  I love my pretty girl.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Messy House Tour 2014: New Mom Edition

Young House Love posted a Messy House Tour and I think it's brilliant.  Of course, their mess is still nice looking and reasonable: messy table because the counters are being cured, cute toys in the middle of play, that kind of thing.  Mine is a messy house plain and simple.  Sometimes it's really hard to sit there holding a new baby and look at the mess surrounding me and feel helpless--and then watch the toddler dump a bag of cheerios on top of it all.  Even when I wear Amelia, I'm limited in what I can do (bend over, pick up etc--must work on back carry).  It's frustrating for sure, but I know it won't always be like this.  Probably once my house is empty and quiet and only dusty I will miss this frantic, crazy time of life and those little chubby hands that do so much destruction.  

So, without further ado:  My Messy House!

 We'll start in my bedroom.  This is where 85% of the living happens right now.  Our bedroom is off the kitchen, it houses Wyb's stuff and all of Amelia's and it's where I sit and nurse all day long.  It's really the downstairs family room, the kids are always in here too.  I have laundry baskets just waiting to be put away,  dirty clothes flung off when baby's screaming and I'm covered in barf, Amelia's crib holding everything I don't know where else it should go, and a tv antenna wire so I can get PBS kids and distract Wyatt for 10 minutes.  

 Next, the kitchen.  I had just finished packing lunches for the kids and then taking Maddie to school.  They had spaghetti for lunch by the way.  Other notables: can of paint thinner, plate of raisins, dead tulips.

 And now the living room:  The Easter decor is at least in season.  There's bags of giveaway stuff from Elle's room that need to be taken out, a variety of diaper inserts on the couch and a sign up sheet to audition for Elle's play.  
 Back to the kitchen: The eating area!  The best feature is the sleeping baby.  We also showcase the highchair that needs to go to the attic, the box of craft supplies from spring break and the ever present vacuum.  I swear my tombstone will read something like this:

Here lies our dear departed mother.
Her life was spent in service to wood floors.

 Up we go now to the family room:
This one is really not too bad, really.  Exercise ball for bouncing baby while watching old episodes of Project Runway, wood burning tool, toys, pillows and even VCR tapes!

And the grand finale!  
Sewing/Guest/Wyatt's room.  The pinnacle of disaster.  Goodwill items, next season clothes, toys, craft supplies, stuff I have absolutely no idea what to do with.  

Yes folks, that concludes our Messy House Tour 2014! Hope you enjoyed the show!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Better Now

So after my blog post complaining about my diaper "needs" I was actually notified that an online store had the Audrey diaper in stock!  I went, snagged 2 (the limit) and they were sold out in 11 minutes.  Yay!  I finally got my Audreys!

Then I went a little crazy (crazier?) and bought some more:  Countess (the hot pink, not discontinued, just pretty), Carroll (the red/pink, after Louis Carroll for Alice and Wonderland--discontinued and getting harder to find) and Maathai (bottom floral, a very HTF diaper that I found locally and my most expensive one to date! But also my favorite pattern).

So, I'm still on the lookout for Jules (must sell first born to find) and Irwin (maybe just a right arm):

Monday, March 24, 2014

Held Captive

This hairy little person has me held captive today so I might as well blog.

Not much really to report except I've gone cloth diaper crazy.  My favorite brand released an adorable diaper this last week (Audrey) and being responsible I thought I'd wait til payday when my grocery account is a little more full to order.  I woke up Friday excited to buy my little happy and they are gone.  Everywhere.  Sold out. I missed it. 

Teach me to delay gratification!

So I've been stalking the few retailers waiting to get theirs in. It's a full time job. They sell out in 5 minutes. Sites are crashing.  It's taking years off my life. And my brain won't let it go. That's how I am unfortunately.

So if you happen to see an Audrey or a Jules or a Maathai (other limited edition prints I missed too) snatch it up for me, please?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amelia's Blanket

My family is kinda obsessed with chenille. Tyler has a blanket. Giselle has one (in shreds), Will has one (also in shreds) and Wyatt has one (still hanging in there).

So this is the one I made Amelia. I took it up a notch and pieced the top with some treasured Cath Kidston charm squares and a set of charms I'd been saving. Then I cut up a vintage chenille bedspread for the sashing and back. I just used a layer of flannel inside because I still wanted it really flexible and squishy.

If Amelia is as attached to her blankie as the others are, it won't last long, but it sure is pretty now.  Those colors make me smile. However she does not seem to appreciate it yet...

Also if these posts seem poorly written it's because I'm mobile blogging.  Handy but just not the same.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Morning Monday!

Amelia is 5 weeks old today and we've only been alone by ourselves (by that I mean Wyb too) for 2 days.  Between snow days and spring break I've had a house full.  But I've enjoyed it. I love my family.

The two things I want to accomplish this cold, dreary, and cozy Monday are:
Folding the 3 baskets of laundry
Cleaning (decluttering) Will's room.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I really like blogging, but I don't exactly have a ton of time.  And then, when I think I could run upstairs and knock out a quick post, I forget that our Internet likes to stop working.  It's a huge hassle and takes 20+ minutes to fix.  So it ain't exactly a quick post.  

Anyway, after waiting here forever, I'm in luck because both Amelia and Wyatt are still sleeping.  Can I just say what good sleeping kids I have?  At least at this moment in time.  Wyatt was a terrible baby but a great toddler, Amelia (knock on wood) is a really good sleeper from the start.  I could not be more grateful.  
*      *      *
Well, it's been spring break around here.  And when you have a new baby, spring break is pretty boring.  We have not done much of anything but stick to our regular routines.  Surprisingly, the older kids have been really good.  Not much fighting which is so nice.  

Oh and there's Wyatt waking up.  Let's see how long I can string him out.  

Here's some of what we did:

Went out to eat.  
First time as a family of 7. (7!)
Side note: Tyler finally got himself a smart phone.  I love it.  He's a picture-taking, posting machine.  He snapped this of a few of them at Cracker Barrel (we had a gift card).  They were all really good, and we only got 1 dirty look from the table next to us!  A success!

We ate lunch together.

 Enjoyed the nice weather and signs of spring.

 Did some spring cleaning for the chickens.  This is how they look before I let them out in the morning.  I can't get them out fast enough.  

We crafted.  

 We took down the Valentine's Day decorations.

We snuggled Amelia.  Lots of this.

We went to Target where I spent the best $1 of my life.  Wyatt LOVES his fedora.

 He even wore it for his nap.

Elle did lots of reading, Will and Wyatt did lots of Jake and The Never Land Pirates, 
Maddie did lots of planning for a fictitious trip to Disney World.  
 And I've been slowly working on Amelia's blanket:
And that's about it.  

And speaking of the girl... I hear her squawking... 
Better run!