Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

House Tour Day 5: Guest Room and Baths

Half bath downstairs, I did the stenciling

Upstairs guest room/sewing room

Upstairs bath (Tyler put this in)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

House Tour Day 3: Kitchen

That shiny thing on the right is not a gigantic coffee percolator, it's our Berkey water filter. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

House Tour Day 1: Kids' Rooms

The photographer came today.  These are some of the pictures. 
Tyler and I.... aren't super thrilled because we specifically said we didn't want any crazy wide-angle lens that distorts the rooms.  
But that's what we got.  
In reality, these rooms are tiny.  But hey, maybe it will get someone in the door.
House should be on the market this Wednesday.  Or Thursday.  Or Never.
 The boys room was freshly painted a neutral color (same as Maddie's actually). It used to be blue. They got new bedding and we painted the dresser to somewhat match their bunks.  75% of the toys were moved out; we left all the vintage Fisher Price Little People to appeal to prospective buyer's nostalgia.  Haha! Just try to resist the castle! Wyatt is still in the crib, or the floor, or wherever the heck he'll actually sleep--I don't care if it looks like we have 12 children with all the beds around here. Oh, and new carpet.

 Elle used to have the hot pink accent wall.  We painted over that (and when I ever use the pronoun 'we' it's always Tyler), re-arranged her furniture, used up a dozen magic erasures and new carpet too.

Uh, Maddie's mushroom stool was supposed to be moved.  Whoops. 
We have repainted nearly every surface in the house, but Maddie's ceiling is still purple.  I'll guess we'll leave it until told otherwise. She got new carpet too.  Did I ever blog about when Maddie threw up in the night and Tyler just cut out the offending carpet piece? He knew he'd be doing carpet eventually...

And here's the kids' bathroom, that really is as tiny as it looks.  While the younger kids and I went to my parents house in May, Tyler painted the cabinet and walls, took down an ugly fake oak thing and installed new granite counter, new faucet and light fixture.  Maddie shopped for the new shower curtain, hand towel and rug.  They did a great job!!

Stay tuned!  Tomorrow I'll post the living room!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

New Counters

We had the granite installed yesterday.  It looks nice, but I'm not used to the busyness.  But hey, you cannot see any crumbs or mess on that counter! These are lousy pics, I'll post official ones soon, I think photographer is next on the list!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Grateful Sunday

Ohhhhhhh, this fella.  
I used to sort of get this gloaty-feeling that we were going to skip the terrible twos with this boy.  He was so sweet and fun, albeit a handful.  But no.  Nope, nope nope.  We are not going to bypass that wonderful rite of passage.  The terrible twos have hit with a vengeance.  Of course it doesn't help that we are in a state of turmoil here and we had to take down his little bed.  

He's also developed the inevitable love for Cars and wakes in the night if he can't find his "Mator."
And he's addicted to our phones (and taking selfies apparently) which is not convenient at all, especially when you're not big on screen time.  
And he HATES church.

But I'm still grateful for him.  Love this boy.

 This girl is adorable, however.

 And I love watching this girl grow-up.

 Tomorrow we get granite counters.  I'm excited to see how that looks and I really think it will be the finishing touch on this house.  We will probably go on the market in another week.  I think we are finally getting close.

I am so grateful for some cooler temps.  Hard to believe the rest of the country is about to experience Autumn.  Doesn't seem possible.  

And that's all for tonight.  

Thursday, September 04, 2014

E+M Patterns Girls Dress pattern No.13

Remember how I was doing some sewing projects?  Well, now I'm doing sewing that counts!  I did a pattern test with a fabulous pattern designer.  How that works is they send you the never-before-released PDF pattern, you sew it up, offer feedback to make it a better product, take some pictures and done!  In exchange, I get the pattern (which in this case is super cute), the dress I made, fun times and cute pics of my model, mandatory sewing time, lots of support and this time, another E+M pattern!  Win-Win!

Introducing Girl's Dress Pattern No.13
from E+M Patterns.

This pattern was super easy to print, assemble and cut out.  For those new to the PDF pattern world, gone are the days of that terrible tissue paper, now you instantly print from your computer and you get great tutorials to walk you through each step of the way.  
 The pattern itself goes together very easily with great instructions.  The inside is beautifully finished too, no need for a serger. I need to take some pics of the inside as well.

 I love this design because it's mod and simple: perfect for the older girl who no longer wears ruffles and frou-frou.  Giselle and I spent some quality time shopping together while she picked out the fabrics, which was fun and I enjoyed taking photos too.  She did a great job.
 After our photo shoot (in the rain I might add) we stopped in at a local boutique.  The ladies there raved about this dress and asked where I got it.  They wanted my card which I left at home.  Guess I should carry them around when she wears this!

I love seeing the lining fabric peek out.  
  I will definitely be making more.  I'd love one in my size too!  I'm thinking paired with some leggings and boots it would make a great fall wardrobe staple.  
This pattern releases tomorrow and it's 50% off!  Get it, sew it and post pics in the FB group too!

It will be on sale for $4 until Monday night at 11pm Pacific Time. No code needed. Regular $8.