Monday, August 18, 2014

What a Week

That was going to be my blog title for last week. That I was going to blog about the week before.  I'm a little behind would you say?

August 4th the kids started back at school.

August 5th we found out we are moving to Dallas.  We've known a change was happening for quite a while, but it seems like for the last 6 months or so we've been in limbo, wondering where and when.  At least we know where now.  Sort of.  Cause Dallas is like, huge.  And we kind of know when, at least Tyler starts his new job as a team manager September 29.  But really when, we don't know.  When will we list our house, when will we go house-hunting, when will we actually leave?  No clue.  I'm excited.  I'm sad.  I'm nervous.

Considering I grew up in Texas, and loved it, I have felt awfully hesitant to move back.  I was really hoping to make our way back north to the Midwest because I love it there.  I love seasons and black soil and basements.  And Autumn.  And boots and scarves.  And kids making snow angels.  Wyatt doesn't even know what snow is.  Not even a snow plow.

Sometimes it is so stifling hot and humid here I can't even imagine moving to a place hotter and for longer.  It's endless summer, but not in a good Beach Boys kind of way.  More like melting into the pavement.

I'm not sad about leaving Memphis.  My friend Lisa says the Mississippi Delta is the devil's armpit.  Memphis is closer than I ever want to be to that.  I love our house here, but that's about it.  Sadly I haven't connected with too many people here outside of my bff Elizabeth (who moved) and my friend Lisa who I only really "friended" like 2 weeks ago.

But in good news, we've been working on our house (in earnest) since May and things are really shaping up around here.  I have enjoyed seeing things finally fixed up, or improved even though we will most likely move to a fixer-upper and start all over again.  I'll have to post pictures of what we've done.

Then August 6th was Elle's 10th birthday.  I'm afraid in light of all the significant life changes, her birthday was rather lame.  I didn't get out any banners since we have been keeping clutter to a minimum, she didn't want any presents (only cash) and she only wanted to eat at Arby's.  But we did have homemade Oreo ice cream cake and the sister missionaries were our party guests.

August 10 Amelia turned 6 months (!).  I have yet to take any photos of that chunk of sweetness who has given up on sleeping.  Grrrrr.

Monday, August 04, 2014

First Day of School!

Back to school.  And can I tell ya, I miss these kids. But not as much as Wyatt.  Oh boy.  It's hard work to single-handedly entertain a toddler.  I will be SO glad when they walk in the door and he has his playmates back!!!  I hope they've all had a good day, I'm excited to hear all about it.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Flashback Friday

Since today is 8/1/14 (no particular importance) I went to my 8th folder, then the 1st folder and picked the 14th photo.  April 2010, in Nauvoo.  
Maddie looks so very young.  She's definitely on this side of adulthood.  I miss that girl, but I like who Maddie is now.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Will!

My first baby boy is 7.  Seven!  He's such a good, cute kid.  I'm so happy he had a good day. These pictures are pretty lousy, but hard to capture a boy always on the go.  The biggest hit present was a set of real 2-way radios.  The whole family is having fun...

Love you dude!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grateful Sunday

It's been a long time since I did a grateful post.

  • I'm grateful for those 5 kids up there (Amelia is represented by the sling).  They are my life.  So much so that I cannot get a shower in or barely get dressed most days, but I would not trade it for the world.  
  • The winter break we had this week.  We had cool, cloudy, misty weather in the 60s.  The 60s!!!!  In July!  In Memphis! It was amazing.  It really hasn't been too stifling this summer, but Monday, before the front rolled it, it was feels like 101 degrees.  It was miserable.  And oppressive and it made me remember how much I like moderate temperatures.  We spent a bunch of time outside, including going to the Memphis Botanic Gardens.
  • After no Internet for a week, it's so so nice to have it back.  I don't realize how much I use technology to print out a pattern, check directions, find a recipe, print postage... 
  • Tomorrow, Tyler goes back to being a claim rep.  For the last year almost, he's been a team manager, including hiring and training a whole new team.  That ended on Friday along with all the stress, worry, phone calls and emails, meetings, early mornings and late evenings.  I am so glad to get him back for a little while before our life might get crazy again. 
  • I've lost 6 pounds.  I am so big right now, and the baby weight from the last 2 babies is NOT magically coming off.  I've always thought dieting was hard, but never knew how much harder it is when you have 5/6 other mouths to feed.  Either I eat crap because my life is stressful and I need some form of enjoyment, or I go all day busy and rushing around and don't eat anything until I'm starving and eat crap again.   It's a bad cycle and I have to fix it.  I do love my fitbit and I've been striving for 10,000 steps everyday and trying to only eat garbage on weekends.  Elle wants to bake treats constantly (like >3x/day) and she doesn't like anything she makes, so I end up with it.  Not good.  Not good at all.  For that I will be grateful for school to start and get these eating/mess machines out for awhile.
  • Speaking of school, it starts in 3 weeks.  That's nuts.  I am not ready for it to start at all!  If I could just get Maddie and Elle to not bicker so much, and Elle to stop baking, I would live like this forever.  I have really enjoyed this summer.  
  • And here's "Miowya" (said in a rather nasally voice):  She is an anti-nap baby right now. She's happy and cute but always awake.  We love her.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sewing Challenge 4

Today is our ward pioneer day celebration, so I finally made up a bonnet for Amelia. I used the Peek-a-boo bonnet pattern which has been in my files for quite some time...

This was my second one to make up (I made one for my niece to take to the beach) and it didn't go much better than the first.  It's not hard, there's nothing difficult about it at all, but I am not happy with the finished product.  In order to make it reversible, there's a seam line that runs over the gathered part from the other side.  I tried hand-stitching it, but gave up on that too.  I need to actually shorted a pattern piece so that the seam runs perfectly in the flat part.  If that makes any sense.

It's still cute.  Elle wants one now too.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Amelia 5 Months

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sewing challenge 3

Phew!  We have been without internet/wifi for a whole week.  I thought I was going to go nuts!  So after daily fighting with Comcast, we are back up and running!  So I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I hope to make that up! I still can't believe I can sit here typing on the net.  Amazing.

So to continue the sewing challenge (use up my patterns, use up my stash) I made the Kid Pants from Made.  Wybee was in desperate need of new church pants, and this pattern is perfect.  I love the wide legs on him and the thick hem.  There's plenty of room to let them down in the future.  I used up some tan fine-wale corduroy that I probably bought to make pants for Will.  I have 2 more fabrics waiting to be sewn up.  

Aaaaaaand these are the best photos I could get of a wiggly 2 year old:

 Please excuse mop and my foot.

 He fits into my very most favorite pair of vintage little boy shoes.  I will never part with these.

 I got this dapper little jacket for 5 bucks at old navy.

 ready for church!
 I so wish this was in focus.  I love that little face so much.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amelia's Weeks

That baby girl is 5 months today! And in honor, I finally edited her weekly pictures.  All 21 of them.  Actually 20, because I cannot find a picture for week 10.  I thought I had been taking them every week, but apparently I missed one.  That's what you get for being baby #5.

My how's she's grown.  We just love this squishy baby.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sewing Challenge 2

So as I was looking through all my "to sew" pins I found some really cute baby shoe patterns.  So I bought those.  But it was 3 patterns for $10 so I got some others too.  And then I saw this adorable pattern:

I had to have that too!  So even though I said I was only gonna use up the patterns I already had, I added this one and made it the same day.

It's super cute and super easy.  Just some layering.  I did rip it apart though because my embroidery threads on the face were showing through too much.  So my advice is to make sure the threads are really clean on the back or use thicker face fabric (I used what I had in my stash).  I also recommend positioning the face a little lower than suggested on the pattern.  I felt it was too high, so when I dismantled, I lowered it and like it much better.

I stuck a small locking-lid pill bottle with some beads inside as a rattle.  Amelia loves squishing it and grabbing the ties and Wybee always brings it to her when she's awake. It was really nice to use some of my favorite fabrics that I've hoarded for way too long. This was the perfect project for that!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sewing Lately

I have set some sewing goals for myself:
1. Use up my enormous stash of fabric 
2. Actually use the patterns I have saved on my computer

I'm just going to bust them out.

Up first is the Leila and Ben Sweet Dress pattern in size 10.

I follow this cute pattern company on Facebook and when they enlarged their pattern to include sizes 6-10 they offered a few for free.  Older girls plus free pattern, yes, thank you.  So I finally made it up since Giselle was asking for a summer dress.

The pattern itself is very easy, since it's only 2 pieces--your typical peasant style. It went together as fast as can be with 5 children with constant demands.  So about 2 days...
The size 10 fit her well, I was worried about it being too tight in the armpits, and she doesn't like elastic on her arms, so the sleeves are a bit puffy because of it.  The sash we already had.  She wore it last Sunday to church and didn't take it off all day so it must have passed the comfort test.

She had me "curl" her hair right before taking pictures.  It lasted oh, about 5 minutes.  Poor girl has beautiful sleek perfect straight hair I would have killed for and only wants curls...

Dress for Elle √

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Household Happenings

It's been a fun, lazy summer so far.  We hosted our friends the Bowes while they moved out of their house.  They stayed with us 3 days and it was super fun.  The house seems really quiet and boring now.  Here's a bunch of photos from my phone.

Amelia just keeps growing.

 She's one tough girl.

 She just loves to be on her tummy.  I've never had a kid that loved tummy time.  

 Sweet girl, loves to sleep in.  Wish I could too... 
Aren't those the most perfect lips?

We said goodbye to 
We said goodbye to the Bowes, yesterday morning. We will surely miss them.  Here's Lilly who just loved to holding Amelia all weekend.

 The doulas got together for a farewell dinner for Elizabeth at an Ethiopian restaurant.  A first for me. 
 I think this might be my only picture with Elizabeth.

 There was a mirror behind my chair and Amelia was in love with that girl.  She was shrieking with delight.

 Love this picture of my girls in front of the temple.  They attended a missionary fireside.

 This was my dress when I was a baby.

 Elle finished her one-week drama camp with a performance of Stuart Little.  Elle had one of the biggest parts and she did great.  It was a disaster on our part and warrants its own post.

 Oh Fella loves his "baby daw"

 We've been on a Lego binge.

 This is me on a postpartum depression awareness walk.  It was a really nice event with lots of media coverage.  A great cause. Fun to hang out with my birthy friends. That's Elizabeth behind me and another girl from my Bradley class.  

 Guess who got braces?!

 house at night

 house at day

funny sweet perfect girl.  
we love her.
and her hair.